Call For Pacer, nominations for the role of Pacer for Run Rome The Marathon 2023 are open - RUN ROME THE MARATHON

The role of the pacers at the Run Rome The Marathon on 19 March 2023 is crucial. Open the form on the website where you can apply. Thousands of applications are expected from all over the world for an event with a strong international character

ROME – Special people for a one-of-a-kind marathon. This is how we could define the pacers who will run in Run Rome The Marathon scheduled for 19 March 2023.

Experience, a spirit of sacrifice, friendliness, a great passion for running, a real love for Rome and its marathon: these are the main characteristics of the 140 pacers who will be selected and will start from the Imperial Forum, right in front of the Colosseum, to accompany tens of thousands of athletes from all over the world.

For a few days now, the “Call For Pacer 2023” campaign has been open on the marathon’s official website, a call for all those who cherish in their hearts the dream of being a pacer at Run Rome The Marathon and can now submit their application. As was the case for the 2022 edition, the pacers involved in Run Rome The Marathon will be both Italian and foreign, coming from dozens of foreign countries, a truly multicultural group for a fiercely international event. It is an honour, a milestone and a source of pride to be among the lucky ones selected to play this role in Rome.

Run Rome The Marathon, thanks to marathon runner Federica Romano, who is in charge of the pacer project for the third year, has established a collaborative relationship of exchange with groups of pacers from major international marathons, such as London, Chicago, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Salzburg and several others. 

WHO ARE THE PACERS? Pacers are also known as “the guardian angels of running”; this task is an important responsibility. They have a mission to fulfil – to be a cut above the rest and to accept that when they enter the marathon, they must throw themselves on the sacrificial fire and do it solely and above all for the sake of others. Being a pacer isn’t just about running with the final race time written on a balloon on your back. It’s about supporting thousands of marathon runners and getting them to the finish line within the set time, giving them advice, encouraging them and setting a consistent pace. A pacer can make the dream come true for so many runners – of reaching a much-anticipated finish line.

The tears, the hugs, the smiles, a medal, a new friend who may have come from the other side of the world, people’s applause, a hug at the finish line from those who followed you and trusted you, these are the rewards of being a pacer. Nothing else. All you need is a stopwatch and a big heart.

HOW TO SIGN UP – Those who think they meet the requirements and have gained significant experience as a pacer in major national and international marathons and therefore fit the ideal profile are invited to complete, no later than 18 September, the Call For Pacer form to apply as an official pacer of Acea Run Rome The Marathon 2023. The candidates may be both Italian and foreign nationals and will be selected and chosen by the end of October.

GET READY – The pacers will not only be on the running stage at the marathon next 19 March, they will also be key players in the Get Ready group training sessions in Rome and in the “On Tour” version around Italy as early as November. The dates will be announced soon. 

SO MANY MEMORIES – There were many memories and emotions that the 140 pacers in the race last March 2022 gave us, including two special people who we still want to applaud and thank today for running with balloons and making themselves available to other runners. We are talking about the Paralympic athlete, as well as singer, model, presenter and much more, Annalisa Minetti, who led the athletes to the finish line exactly at the four-hour mark, and then, urged on by her father Paolo, the always smiling and feisty Sara Vargetto. She is a very young girl from Rome who lives with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, an inflammatory disease that leads to degeneration of the joints and which appears at an early age, alternating between phases of relapse and remission, which means she has to use a wheelchair. However, this did not prevent her from participating and leading the way in the 4h 10′ group. Special people, you can say that again. 

REGISTRATIONS OPEN – Registration for Run Rome The Marathon as well as for the Run4Rome solidarity relay and the Fun Run is open on the event site for all. 

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