Acea Run4Rome… run the marathon in 4 for solidarity

With Acea Run Rome The Marathon on 19 September, runners will be the stars of the show along the streets of the capital for the Alba Edition Special Race. At last, it will be time to think about running as a team sport again, a team that in the Acea Run4Rome relay not only cares about the race finish line, but also the nobler and more important objective of highlighting social issues and supporting the work of the various non-profit organisations that have joined the project.

The largest Italian sporting event involving mass participation also focuses on a charity project, with the Charity Program, and an inclusion project. Acea Run4Rome will allow beginners, walkers, athletes in general and competitive runners to be the stars of the show and enjoy a day that is both healthy and fun. Your dream of running and crossing the finish line of a major international marathon can become a reality. All you have to do is create your own team of four people and run the four stages of 7 km, 13.3 km, 10.3 km and the last, the grand finale, of 11.595 km for a total of 42.195 km.

Registering for the Acea Run4Rome relay is only possible through the non-profit organisations that have joined the Charity project and the registration fee is freely established by each of them: it is not a simple registration fee, in fact, but a real donation to one of the many projects that you can choose to support.

To date, the participating non-profit organisations are: AIRC, Doppia Difesa, Dynamo Camp, Fondazione Maratona Alzheimer, Fondazione Operation Smile Italia Onlus and Sport Senza Frontiere, La Pelle Azzurra and La Stella di Lorenzo.


Are you a non-profit organisation and want to join the Acea Run Rome The Marathon Charity Program?
Write to us here


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