Participation is only open to athletes aged 20 years and over (including those who will turn 20 during 2023). The requirements for participation vary according to nationality, residence and membership (or not) of an Athletics Federation.

Click here to open the explanatory document which we have prepared for you!


Can I register on the morning of the race?

No, online registration will close at 23:59 on 10 March 2023. In any event, the Organisation reserves the right to close entries early or to accept entries after the closing date at its sole discretion.

Can I pay when I collect my bib?

No, payment must be made at the same time as registration

When it is necessary to use the DataHealth platform

All participants registered with a Runcard (Italian and foreign) must upload their medical certificate on the DataHealth platform to complete their registration.

How can I check whether I have been registered?

The online registration portal automatically sends an e-mail confirming registration when the payment is validated. Later, we will also make an online tool available to check the status of your membership.

If I am unable to participate, will I be able to obtain a refund of the registration fee?

The participation fee is non-refundable. If an athlete is unable to take part in the event, he/she may, subject to notification to be sent to the Organisers no later than 6/03/2023, transfer the registration to another person. The person registering as a replacement must pay a supplement of €20.00 (secretarial fee for the bib change) and complete the online registration form again with all personal information, membership details and the submission of the medical certificate and accept the race documents in full.


Contact and you will receive an answer within 48 working hours.


I want to buy a product as an add-on to my membership, where can I do it?

Add-on products can be purchased when finalising your registration and/or at a later date with special rules. Click HERE to view the add-on products offered.

Is it possible to buy accommodation packages in Rome at the same time as registering?

Yes, accommodation offers will be included among the add-on products that can be purchased together with the Marathon registration. They will be redeemable at the time of registration. It will be possible to make use of these offers even after the purchase of the membership.


Confirmation letter

A few days before the race, all athletes who have registered will receive an  e-mail as an official “letter of confirmation”.

This e-mail will contain all the basic instructions for collecting your bib number and taking part in the race. You do not need to print a hard copy of the email itself; you can present it on a device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Where can I pick up the bib?

You will be able to collect your bib (and the race pack) at the Expo Run Rome The Marathon. The Expo will be open to the public on Friday 17 March and Saturday 18 March from 9:00am to 8:00pm at the Palazzo dei Congressi, Piazza John Kennedy, 1, 00144 Roma RM. 

Recommended underground stops to reach the Expo: 

  • Eur Fermi (blue line B) 10 min on foot (800m)

What do you need to collect the bib?

Confirmation letter, ID

Can I delegate another person to collect my bib?

Yes, by giving the following documents to the delegate:
– Copy of identity document
– Confirmation letter
– Written authorisation signed by the delegating party
– Any eventual documentation regarding Covid-19 containment.

What happens at the bib collection if my registration is not confirmed?

The registration fee must in any case have been already paid. When you pick up your bib, you will have to go to the appropriate desk to hand in the missing documentation and, if all is in order, receive your bib. 


What is the date of the marathon and starting time?

The Acea Run Rome The Marathon will take place on Sunday 19 March 2023, starting in via dei Fori Imperiali at 8:00 am 

What is the average temperature on the day of the race?

The average temperature in Rome at the end of March is about 13, with about 9 degrees at the start.

What are the features of the route?

It is a flat route with about 26 metres of elevation and about 6 km of cobblestones (the route may be subject to some small variations).

What points does the route pass through?

The most famous and beautiful places in Rome: Colosseum and Imperial Forum are the starting and ending points, Piazza Venezia, Campidoglio steps, Teatro Marcello, Bocca della Verità, Circo Massimo, Porta San Paolo, Piramide Cestia, Basilica di San Paolo, San Pietro, Foro Italico, Piazza Augusto Imperatore, Ara Pacis, Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna. (the route may be subject to some small variations)

Will there be grids and a staggered start?

Yes, there are 3 waves of departures spaced a few minutes apart.
The starting runners are lined up according to the following grids:



Personal Best Time






















Personal Best Time




















The “TOP” grid (area) is also reserved by the organisation. The organisers reserve the right to check the time declared by the athlete and to make the appropriate changes to the bib assigned if discrepancies are found. Depending on the bib number allocated, it will be possible to access the corresponding starting area.

According to rule 100 R.T.I. elite athletes (men and women) are considered to be those in the “TOP” and “A” grid (areas).

Are there any musical points along the route?

Yes. There will be numerous entertainment points along the route.

How to reach the starting point

BY UNDERGROUND: The closest stop to the starting point is the CIRCO MASSIMO stop of the Metro line B (Blue).

BY TRAIN: From the ROMA TERMINI station you can reach the starting point on foot in about 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can use the Metro B (Blue) line to the stop indicated above or bus number 75.

BY CAR: We do not recommend that you reach the starting point area by car. If you really can’t do without a car, we suggest using the park-and-ride facilities available at many metro stations.

Delivery of the bag with your clothes

You can use the bag that you will receive with your bib. No other type of bag or backpack will be accepted! Do not forget to identify the bag with the race number label. After arrival, you can collect your bag by showing your bib. Remember that the bag should only contain the clothes necessary for a post-race change of clothes and that no valuables should be left in it: the organisation will not be held responsible for any theft. The time of the bag deposit will be communicated in the race info which will be published in the days before the race.

Starting procedure

The meeting time and access to the grids (areas) will be communicated in the Race Info which will be published in the days before the race. Latecomers must start at the back of the group. The accesses to the “grids” (areas) will be manned by volunteers who will check your bib to ensure that you are entering your assigned starting sector. 

The start of Acea Run Rome The Marathon will be at 08:00 am.

The start will be in waves at intervals of a few minutes.

The route

Please note that the trajectory used for the measurement corresponds to the minimum distance that can be covered. It is practically impossible for you to follow the same trajectory during the race, so it is quite normal for your GPS watch to record a distance covered in excess of 42.195 km by several hundred metres. 

Timekeeping at the start and on the route

The measurement of times and the drawing up of rankings will be carried out by means of a system based on an electronic transponder (“chip”) which will be handed out when the bib is collected with instructions and attached to the bib. The chip is strictly personal and cannot be exchanged. Athletes who remove and/or damage the “chip” in any way will not be able to be timed and will not appear in the rankings. For each athlete the following will be recorded: the official time (from the firing of the relevant wave to the finish line), the net time (from the moment of crossing the starting line to the finish line), the intermediate times at the following km: km 10, km 21,097 and km 30.

Time limit

The time limit to finish the marathon is 6h30. Competitors will then be given the maximum time details for the various passes of the intermediate mileage references. At the end of the marathon there will be a technical commission composed of a technical manager, a FIDAL judge (if any), a representative of the Municipal Police Command, who will assess the actual closure of the route according to the status of the last participants. Athletes who do not respect the time limits for passing through the gates will be asked by the officials to board the shuttles for the withdrawn athletes or to continue running on the pavement and not on the road, in accordance with the Highway Code, in order to protect their safety.

Refreshments and sponges

Refreshments and sponges will be provided on the route in accordance with World Athletics/FIDAL regulations.

Race assistants

The organisation will provide, free of charge, several groups of clearly recognisable race assistants (“pacers”) who will be responsible for running the marathon at a steady pace to the finish line. More information on the pacemaker service will be provided in the coming weeks.

Transport service for withdrawn athletes

Athletes who are injured or intend to withdraw from the competition can use a special shuttle service to reach the next pick-up point (km 21.097 – km 30 – km 35). From here they will be transported to the arrival area. Athletes who are able to walk can reach the nearest collection point on their own.

Medical assistance

Medical assistance will be provided for athletes who need it along the entire route
through fixed or mobile posts, with fixed points every 5 km and at the finish area.


What happens at the end of the race?

After the finish line, the athletes will receive a participation medal, access to the final refreshments and other post-arrival services (bag deposit, WC, etc.). We recommend that all athletes follow the instructions of our staff.

Where do I find the rankings?

The partial and final times will be available in real time by following the appropriate links on the website. It will also be possible to download a certificate of participation. The results will be validated by the Fidal Race Judges Group.


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